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Introduction to Product Testing

Many companies these days find it hard to survive in the market not only because of competition but also lack of a viable marketing strategy for their products. Product testing has come up because of this need for survival. Product testing is a strategy used before it is launched by companies who are willing to pay decent money to product testers in exchange for feedback on the products they deal with.

How to apply for product testing services? allows users of certain specifications, as stated on their webpage to apply through them and then receive the test products and then give feedback to the company through the website. Some of the companies advertise the website to which the users can apply for the product testing and after the feedback; they receive remuneration of various forms.

Rewards from product testing

Depending on the company and the products they offer, different products can give different forms of compensation.

They include:

l Food items

l Vouchers for stores

l Drinks

l Cosmetics

l Cash

l Clothing and Footwear

From the above list, it is seen that the product tested contributes widely to the type of rewards offered.

Sources of Product Testing 

l Toluna

l UserTesting

l Pinecone

l Ipsos

l ProductTesting

Requirements to be a user of Product Testing

A company can either market by itself or through these marketing websites. It is important to know that the company at first is legit, in the case that if it is marketing by itself. Marketing companies may need the following details:

l Name

l Contact information

l Address

l Occupation

To Product Test or NOT to Product Test

The goal to product test is not just to get products for free; with this mindset one may be disappointed. Product testing is a mutual benefit for both the company and to you, the user.

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